box NEWThe Rasther Box is an automotive diagnostic scanner interface that works together with the RastherPC software. Its technology provides easy, accurate, agile and modern diagnostics.
It is a scanner for diagnostic of embedded electronics for light and heavy duty vehicles, like trucks, cars and motorcycles with gasoline, ethanol, diesel, CNG, flex and hybrid (depending on the software packages).

• Main functions: trouble codes, memory erasing, parameter readings, actuators, adjustments and programing.
• Full screen with parameter readings.
• Graphic analysis and parameter plotting.
• Faster response time.
• Easy and intuitive user interface.
• Wiring diagrams and components.
• Operation through PC software RastherPC.
• Direct measurement of components through optional interface TM540/1 RAI, working as a 2 channel oscilloscope.

Information: TM 536 - Rasther BOX