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Regular manual suspension test now gains a technological and affordable solution.

Equipped with state of the art technology, Rasther Shock Box analyzes resilient coefficient of each suspension and comparing both, right and left sides of each axle, determines imbalance based on the NBR14040 standard.

Provided information by the Rasther Shock Box enables a more in-depth diagnosis of suspension problems. In addition, technician can provide his customer a technical and qualified analysis.

Besides Suspension analysis, Rasther Shock Box may be featured with some additional special functions for a Service Center. All these features can be performed easily..


Special functions:

  • Fuel Adjustment
  • Brake
  • Air Filter Reset
  • Direction
  • Oil Change Reset
  • Timing Belt
  • And many more

Software for PC and Android.
Scanner with special functions for Service Center.
Simple Interface with easy data visualization.
Generates quick and easy information in order technician can make a diagnostic.
Software with an objective and practical concept making it user friendly.
Light hardware design, does not require a special adaptation for your repair shop.

Information: TM 537 - Rasther Shock Box